Energy Healing

Hands-on and distance healing

While massage works primarily with the physical body (muscles, tendons, ligaments), energy healing works with the subtler energy systems within and around our physical bodies. There are many different forms of energy healing, acupuncture and reiki being two of the best known.

I am trained in an energy healing technique that focuses on the main energy centres in the body (chakras). There are major and minor chakras with energy channels running between them and connecting all of these centres. (Think of it like the London Underground with the chakras being the stations, and the energy channels the lines between the stations). Thus the whole body is mapped with energy hubs and channels. These energy maps have been recognised by medical models throughout the world for thousands of years, particularly those in the far east.

Acupuncture follows an ancient and very detailed map of the energy body (there are literally hundreds of points in acupuncture and the channels running between them are called meridians). I follow a simpler but equally effective system focussing on the 7 major chakras, which are located along the length of the spine, and some of the minor chakras, especially those located at the main joints in the body. Each of the major chakras regulate the organs and systems found in that area of the body. Each chakra also regulates particular aspects of our mental and emotional wellbeing.

By touching these points with my hands, I can assist your body in unblocking and rebalancing each of these centres. A free-flowing, unblocked and balanced energy moving throughout our body promotes health on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Because I am working with the energy body rather than the physical body, it is also possible to receive energy healing from a distance. The energy body can be accessed across any distance and hence does not require us to be physically present in the same room. Although this can be challenging to the laws of classical physics, studies in distance healing have shown it to be effective. For a more in-depth look at how distance healing works please click on the following link

Energy healing can help to calm our sometimes frenetic mind and emotions, reconnecting us with a deeper, stiller part of ourselves. This calming can have a profound effect on both our physical and mental wellbeing. Sometimes we simply rest into stillness. At other times we may experience flashes of insight or inspiration, or images and memories may arise.

What happens during a treatment? (For distance healing you will need to have the zoom app on your device. I will then email you a zoom invitation prior to the treatment. You will need a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed by people, phones or devises for the duration of the treatment).

We will start by having a short chat : an opportunity for us to connect, for you to ask any questions, and to see if there are any particular issues – physical, mental or emotional – that you would like the healing to address. Then you will either sit or lie down for the healing itself (clients remain fully clothed for the treatment). During this time you simply relax, gently noting any thoughts, feelings, sensations, images or memories that arise. When the healing is complete we will have time for another short chat to discuss anything that arose, either for yourself, or anything that I noticed, during the treatment.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries (see appointments page).