“I suffered for years with a bad back, sore shoulders/neck and tension headaches. I had my back treated by other therapists but never felt comfortable and left quickly. With a family to look after and a business to run I had finally had enough! I searched online into other possible treatments and therapies. I came across Kate’s website and therapeutic massage, did a little bit of research and decided to try it. From the first meeting and massage with Kate I felt very at ease with her. I also felt that I could be honest with her which is something I have found difficult in the past with other therapists. I now see Kate on a regular basis and do not struggle daily with aches and pains and generally feel a lot better in myself. From my second treatment onwards I haven’t suffered a single tension headache which is a god send to me! I always look forward to my next treatment and the relief it gives me to just get on with a normal busy life! Thanks Kate!”

(Margo: manager/mother)

“Two and a half years ago I slipped two discs in my lower back which causes me a lot of back pain. I started having massage treatments with Kate as I wanted to try an alternative treatment to help ease the pain that was affecting my daily life. The massages have helped a great deal as I suffer from a lot of muscle tightness in my back. I would be struggling a lot more on a daily basis if I wasn’t having massage. Massage also relieves stress and tension all over. I always feel wonderful after a massage. Kate is an excellent therapist. She is very understanding, a great listener and always makes me feel comfortable. I can’t wait for my next appointment!”

(Hazel: administrator)

“I started having regular massages with Kate after getting repeated chest infections. I had been pushing myself with work and hadn’t stopped to allow my body to recover. When I  stopped for massage I realised how tired and ill I was; it made me want to treat my body better and prioritise my health. I find it deeply relaxing and I always feel a lot calmer for some time after. When I  have a busy month ahead with work it helps me to know that I have a massage booked in for the next month!”

(Helen: social worker)

“I am a chef and also run a farm so I do long hours of physical work and it takes its toll, particularly on my neck and shoulders and lower back. I started seeing Kate after a series of appointments by an osteopath. I needed a treatment to help release the muscular tension in my body. The osteopath told me at the time that I would have arthritis in my spine within a year as my vertebrae were compressed. Kate has changed that by keeping the muscles free. I go for regular appointments and this keeps me mobile and able to work. I have recommended her to quite a number of people who suffer from a range of different muscular problems including my mother who has extremely bad walking problems. Everyone without exception has benefited hugely from her treatment. Until I was referred to Kate I wouldn’t have thought of using massage as a treatment but she has made a world of difference to me. Better by far than relying on pain killers to keep you going.”

(Fiona: chef)

” I have found a fantastic remedy for my stress at work! As a teacher of secondary school pupils I am completely exhausted at the end of a hard week and Kate has been a saviour. Her massage eases away the stress of the week. I have tried a number of massage therapists but I find Kate’s treatments the most effective. I wholeheartedly recommend her treatment for the ongoing stresses of life.”

(Martin: teacher)

“I have been seeing Kate for a couple of years now. I find the sessions very therapeutic and relaxing especially after a hard days physical work or looking after the children. A highly recommended professional massage therapist.”

(Robbie: painter and decorator/father)